Field day visits and observations

Field day is Amateur Radio’s open house. We get to show off the best that our hobby has to offer and even get some folks operating who have never done so.

I decided to take the opportunity to go and talk to some clubs, meet and greet, as well as explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing. That went rather well, but I did hear some things which make my run all the more important.

There were many who said they wanted a change in the Hudson Division leadership and the board in general. But many others have also said that they dropped their membership because they feel left out of the league. I won’t get into the specific complaints but many had felt that the league had stopped representing them and became more like a business rather than a member services organization.

To me this is unacceptable. The League needs to return to member service as its focus and it needs to happen quickly otherwise we will never regain the faith hams  once had in the ARRL.

But generally apart from the ARRL governance issues most of these hams absolutely loved ham radio. Yes, there is a serious side to ham radio, but for the most part people view it as a fun pastime. I know that ham radio lets me relax and connect with friends, and keeps me company on the road via the local repeaters. I also know that ham radio gives me a thrill when I work DX and contests.

I want to help people return home to the league where they can explore their passion for Amateur Radio and feel included rather than alienated.


  1. Great to see you're getting out there to listen to the membership and try to get a grasp on what to focus on! This is what any organization needs. More personal involvement and less hiding in ivory towers. Looking forward to hearing more about you campaign journey

    1. Thank you A.J. I'm always listening to everyone. That's what we are taught as radio amateurs. Always LISTEN first, and LISTEN again... On the ARRL board I will ensure that constituents are always #1!


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