Separating truth from non-truths, and why this election is important

On the news front, my campaign is being noticed by a lot of people. By a lot of prominent people. This is GREAT news. Keep it going! I want to be your advocate in Newington, and I need your support to do it.

Of course, some people are now apparently running scared, because they know that positive change is coming. What do they then do? Counter it with negativity. One person in particular, a retiring director has taken the track of rehashing the same, old, tired "inexperience" argument over and over. But I know the people of Hudson division will see past the negativity and realize that we do need this positive change.

But let's address that first.

When my opponent was first running for director in 2012 (not that long ago), he ran against a sitting director who was previously an experienced vice-director. My opponent's previous field organization experience was primarily as a Section Manager. Did experience matter then? Should we have elected the more "experienced" candidate then who had served in the director's chair? Or did my opponent run (and win) on the "change" platform?

Furthermore, he came to me, specifically, to find out more information about the Northern New Jersey (NNJ) section because he needed to campaign here. So right then and there, he relied on my experience and knowledge of the field organization. Naturally, I had this knowledge through my experience with local clubs, including as a club officer in several clubs.

I have lived and worked in NY and NJ for many years. I have been part of the landscape in a significant portion of the division. Furthermore, through my networking with others, I know and am well known in the division and beyond. To me, the entire Hudson division is valuable.

As far as my professional experience goes, I have spent significant time in a large fortune 500 company in a very senior role, reporting directly to an SVP who was charge of an entire division, and also interfacing regularly with C-Level executives, executive producers and other senior people. I've designed, budgeted, won approval for, and led implementation on large and significant projects. I've earned accolades for delivering ahead of schedule and under budget. I've sat in the board room to pitch my ideas, with great success. I've dealt with partners and vendors. I've spoken at conferences as a subject matter expert (SME). Even early on in my career, I have earned praise for solving difficult problems when others simply couldn't have, in record time. I did so with careful research and consultation with subject matter experts.

So is there inexperience there? Hardly! The "inexperience" argument is a tired, re-hashed, and frankly desperate talking point, designed to distract you away from doing what it takes to bring the change needed to our division and the ARRL.

Let's talk about the "secret meetings" comment.

There are no "secret meetings." This is true. I did, however, say that "nothing must be done in secret." I did say that we need greater transparency. I truly believe that there needs to be more open and honest communication about ARRL matters with membership. And this is one of the reasons why this election is vitally important.

Certain personnel matters should be discussed confidentially. This is common sense. However, I am not really comfortable with keeping FCC matters under wraps until it's too late (i.e. after they have been filed with the Commission). This to me is a key point. The FCC is a public entity that regulates the public airwaves. Spectrum and spectrum use is at the heart of the Amateur Radio Service. Radio amateurs have a right to know what their league is proposing to the FCC, because frankly, I want what goes to the FCC to represent what I, as a league member, and all of my other fellow league members agree on. I want the brakes to be put on anything that may be harmful to the Amateur Radio Service, and the only way to do this is careful member review. And this should be the duty of your division director to communicate this to the membership. Period. End of story.

Remember, you can learn more about the campaign at, and email me any of your questions at The website has links to my social media contacts. I try to respond as quickly as I can. I am also available for club meetings, events and meet and greet. I can travel anywhere within the division, or do a video conference if you so desire. Please spread the word!

Ria, N2RJ


  1. Sending support from South Jersey :)

    1. Thank you. I'd really appreciate if you could tell your friends in North Jersey, NYC/Long Island and Eastern NY why they need to vote. We need turnout this cycle. Thanks for your support!!!

  2. Best of luck from the Southwestern Division!

  3. Thanks Ria for standing up to the old school way of doing things. We need young fresh feet on the ground ready and running for the things that matter to us as Amateur Radio Operators. You have spearheaded so many interesting projects and seen them to completion. Don't settle for less and Vote for Ria Jairam! 73 KY4JLS


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