Who else is running?

This election is critical to the survival of the ARRL. We need good people who believe in a more transparent and open ARRL to step up and help fix what is wrong.

So far in the Northwestern division, Mike Ritz, W7VO is challenging Jim Pace’s (K7CEX) successor - Bonnie Altus, AB7ZQ. I like many of Mike’s ideas and we share many of the same ideals. Therefore I would encourage those in the NW division to support him.

But who else? I’ve heard rumors about a possible challenger in the Central division. If true, I would
absolutely support them. The candidate I’ve heard about is a passionate advocate for the hobby, just like myself. Hopefully they decide to run, and soon.

There is New England. Anyone there? What about Roanoake? The time is now. If YOU are a considering a run and would like some advice and assistance, talk to me. I’ve got political experience and real campaign experience. I am also social media and media savvy. I can give you real strategy advice for engagement and GOTV. My email is good in QRZ.

Ria, N2RJ


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