New website sections, endorsements, myth busting

I have added two new sections to the campaign website.

One is endorsements. I have a lot of people supporting me and endorsing me. I am adding them in due course. Thank you for your support. One thing you will notice is that my endorsements run the gamut - these aren't just ARRL insiders or people supporting me for a political purpose, but they are ordinary hams just like you and me who want a strong ARRL and who want a transparent ARRL driven by the membership. There are also a few on the list who make extraordinary contributions to ham radio, science and technology. I am also proud to have their support. I am a firm believer in science, technology and ham radio as a vehicle for such. The list isn't finished, it is ever growing. If you support the positive change I can bring and would like to have your name listed, please let me know. You don't have to be a donor or anything (although that would be nice, as campaigns are expensive). You just have to support the mission and my candidacy.

Another is myth busting. I am not going negative, but my opponent certainly is. That said, I have to counter some of the myths he has posted on his website (which was finally launched after all this time). For example, he claims that his town hall meeting is a mark of his "transparency." Truth is that the town hall was primarily a reaction to all of the bad press and blowback from his proposals that he was getting. Otherwise, why did it take him 6 years to do it? I would do one within the first few weeks of my tenure. Being proactive, rather than reactive is key to success. This is lost on some people, but through my years of corporate experience I've learned this many times over.

Ria, N2RJ


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