Parity act pulled from NDAA

As expected, the Amateur Radio Parity Act language was removed from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This was expected, and anyone who knows how Washington deals with these sorts of things knows that it would take something pretty extraordinary for it to stay in and pass, especially with Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) opposing it, and facing a tough election this year.

There are also many problems with the act. I will defer to legal expert Fred Hopengarten, K1VR on this matter. He wrote an excellent analysis on the act and its many flaws, which you can read and understand why this proposed legislation in its current form was a bad bill and in some cases would achieve the exact opposite of its intended objective.

My opponent is of course doubling down and trying to get this bad bill passed. I ask, how much time and money are we wasting on this, when we could better focus our efforts elsewhere?


  1. This is one case where the solution is worse than the problem.


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