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New ARRL CEO appointed. I am cautious

The CEO choice has been a controversial topic among board governance matters. The last CEO who resigned (and blamed the tax law) had numerous issues, which we will touch on in a bit. I can therefore understand the apprehension of watchful ARRL members who want to ensure that we get a CEO who not only is a good CEO but is also a good steward of the ARRL, and who is also invested in Amateur Radio.

Note that when I mean "invested in Amateur Radio" I do not mean that someone has to have several hundred thousand dollars in ham equipment and an antenna farm to rival K3LR. What I do mean is that I personally want someone who knows the hobby, its participants and is at least somewhat active. This way she/he knows the issues on the ground and can relate to member concerns. Two examples come to mind - GM and the USPS. Both of these have CEOs who worked in the lower levels of the organization and who know how it runs. They therefore know what the effect of their decisions made. That is…

Week ending September 1, the calm before the storm

I can't believe that Summer 2018 is almost over. Summer is by far my favorite season. The heavy coats come off, the summer dresses go on, the beaches are open, the kids go out to play, car traffic thins out and motorcycle traffic picks up.

Well, that's all coming to an end. And September is going to be THE height of election campaign season. I have a pretty packed calendar, going from several clubs in NJ, to ENY, to NLI, even in the NYC section of NLI.

This Thursday I'll be at GSBARC, one of the premier clubs in Long Island. Should be a fun time. Can't wait to meet up with the crew again! What a great bunch of hams.

If you've had antenna work, activations or other activities this summer I'm sure you have had fun. I still have some antenna work outstanding but I'm going to wind it down pretty quickly before the snow flies. And while I like summer, I'm eager for contest season to start so I can enjoy some good time behind the radio. Who doesn't?

GSBARC Fire Island lighthouse activation

On August 19, at the invitation of John, W2HCB, President of The Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club (GSBARC) and EC/RO for the town of Babylon, NY, I visited the Fire Island Lighthouse to help them activate the lighthouse for International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW). They have been an amazing and active club for many, many years and I was all too happy to visit.

The lighthouse itself is an amazingly pretty sight to see with some of the most beautiful and absolutely pristine seashore in this area. I took a tour of the lighthouse, and climbed all the way to the top. I also met up with two of my YL friends - Caryn, KD2GUT and Salli, K2RYD. I operated SSB and CW and many were happy to work me.

GSBARC absolutely rolled out the red carpet. They met me, shuttled me to the light from Robert Moses Field, and even gave me a personal tour of the lighthouse.

The drive from NNJ wasn't too bad at all. I used to actually go out to Long Island quite a lot when I was a contract pyrotechni…

Contesting and DXing - no shame here.

One of the things I'd like to touch on here is that my opponent and his friends seem to think that the message that "contesters and DXers are elitists" is a winning strategy with the ham radio public.

For the record, I am a very avid and active DXer and contester. I have 324 countries confirmed (326 including deleted), 9 bands DXCC including 160 meters and DXCC challenge at the 1500 level. I also have numerous contest wins, both on my own and on VHF with Andrea, K2EZ who owns and operates a Ford Explorer rover.

Interestingly enough, my opponent is also a DXer and contester. In fact, he is even on the DXCC honor roll. This means that he is in the top 10% of DXers worldwide in terms of new countries worked. Wow. It takes a lot of dedication to do that. He's also a member of the Order of Boiled Owls of New York, a well known, but small contest club. So as it turns out, he's one of us, and in some respects more elite than I am.

I sincerely don't get why he goes a…

Petition approved

This week I received a note from Dan Henderson, N1ND, assistant secretary of the ARRL, saying that my petition was approved by the Ethics and Elections Committee. This is great news! It’s the first hurdle. Second of course is the actual election. Much work still to be done, but I’ve kicked campaign mode into high gear.

I have a very packed calendar with tons of club speaking engagements, and other campaign activities. I sometimes bring my kids to tour with me, and they enjoy seeing the sights. I’m working on their licenses, one day at a time. They do enjoy tuning across and listening. They’ve said hello to my regulars on 40 and 80 and on the local repeaters.

I would like to thank everyone who signed on, and even if you didn’t get the chance, not to worry - the real important thing is to remember to vote.

My opponent said I wasn’t serious well before I announced my run. Let’s show him how serious I am about bringing ARRL back to you by electing me as your director. See https://Hudson.n…

New endorsements, and a note about the truth.

Greetings, Hudson Division election fans! I have several new things to report.

As I write this, I am enjoying a wonderful FT8 opening to Europe on 6 metres. But even bigger than that, my friend Joe Taylor, K1JT has graciously offered his endorsement. Joe says, "I would be pleased to offer my endorsement - and I am delighted that you are running." This is no accident, folks. There are many who realize the direction that ARRL needs to go. We do need to focus on transparency, accountability and sound governance. We need to bring back ARRL fully to member service and member involvement. Joe joins a rapidly growing list of people who are behind me.

I've also been endorsed by Frank Fallon, N2FF, who was the director until 2011 when he retired. Frank has offered much help and support. I am really thrilled that Frank has come on board to help, as his knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Last night, August 7, I also visited the QSY Society in East Fishkill, NY. My friends Scot…