New endorsements, and a note about the truth.

Greetings, Hudson Division election fans! I have several new things to report.

As I write this, I am enjoying a wonderful FT8 opening to Europe on 6 metres. But even bigger than that, my friend Joe Taylor, K1JT has graciously offered his endorsement. Joe says, "I would be pleased to offer my endorsement - and I am delighted that you are running." This is no accident, folks. There are many who realize the direction that ARRL needs to go. We do need to focus on transparency, accountability and sound governance. We need to bring back ARRL fully to member service and member involvement. Joe joins a rapidly growing list of people who are behind me.

I've also been endorsed by Frank Fallon, N2FF, who was the director until 2011 when he retired. Frank has offered much help and support. I am really thrilled that Frank has come on board to help, as his knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Last night, August 7, I also visited the QSY Society in East Fishkill, NY. My friends Scott, W2NTV and Nigel, G0JKN/W2, along with club coordinator Shirley, N2SKP had graciously invited me to speak. I am thoroughly impressed by how their club operates. They have fun, they poke fun, they do interesting projects, and they enjoy the hobby of Amateur Radio. I am really tempted to go back, just to hang out at a meeting. But rest assured that I will be back when elected director of the Hudson Division. What I am impressed at even more is that they had no less than THREE new hams at their meeting, including one YL. Clearly they are doing something right, and I would like to talk to them further to see what it is. But I think I know already - they have a welcoming presence, they don't judge anyone and they encourage people to embrace the lighter side of life.

Now, what about my opponent? What is he up to? No surprise, he is playing fast and loose with the truth. This would prove to be a good explanation of why he never ever would entertain a request to debate me, nor even look me in the face. Several clubs have asked, and I am more than open to the idea. But he refuses every time. Why? Ask yourself - do you want a director who can't face challengers head on, and who can't face opposing viewpoints and stand on his own merits? What about the truth?

He has been stumping at club meetings and spreading some rather vicious lies - such as a lie that I don't support the Amateur Radio Parity Act. What's even more preposterous is that he claims that because I have a tower that I don't support the act. What a crock!

Here is the 100% truth. I supported the bill in 2014. I signed on in 2014 at centennial. I support a strong law, and the original bill was just that.

I'll tell you what I don't support. I don't ever support bad legislation that has the potential to harm radio amateurs, amateur radio or turn us into criminals. Unfortunately this is the reality of the current iteration of the Amateur Radio Parity Act. Several prominent attorneys that specialize in antenna zoning law would tell you that the current iteration of ARPA does, in fact have the potential to turn hams into criminals.

Furthermore, my opponent has not been candid with you. I'm told that, at the Tri-County Radio Association, he said something like:

“[Attorney Fred Hopengarten, K1VR]does not like the parity Act, but he has pledged his full support on implementation.”
I reached out to Fred to see what he said about that. He replied:
 This implies that I don’t like it, but I could live with it.
 My position is much stronger than “does not like.”  I actively OPPOSE it. ONLY IF it passes have I expressed a willingness to seek the best possible implementation, because my interest is always the best interests of amateur radio. ARPA will make criminals out of hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of hams.”

And about the tower? I want you to have antennas! I need you to contact me in contests. I want you to help with emergency communications with effective antennas. I go and I help people put up antennas, troubleshoot their systems, and set up their radios - absolutely for free. Because that is just ham spirit. I even let people use my radio remotely to work DX, or run nets. Ask my friends. They will tell you.

The stark reality of this all boils down to - he has nothing to campaign on... so when all else fails, go negative and make stuff up.

We like positive here. We also like the truth. Choose accordingly. Visit for more information.


  1. When I raised my concerns about the parity act with Mike N2YBB back in January, as it currently exists and he has been pushing for, Mike said that my existing antenna surely would be grandfathered. Ignoring the fact that it would mean an end of my long history of experimentation of antennas, he was basically telling me to shut up because I would get to keep mine. To me grandfathering is a way of saying "i've got mine, you can't have yours". Since the parity act as supported by N2YBB will take away the stealth option (the most effective way of dealing with antennas in HOAs), and certainly won't make HOAs allow towers, and in fact codify into FCC regulations rules that give HOAs an upper hand and right to limit antennas even if they aren't even visible or recognizable as an antenna. If anything it is N2YBB who supports the "I've got mine but you can't have yours" attitude. I would rather right the community with nothing supporting me than the parity act as written and I believe this is why Ria stands against this act as currently written. N2YBB wants to pass this regardless of consequences so he can tell the uninformed that he is fighting for them. Finally, N2YBB has been a director that has evidently supported the ARRL's caving into the HOAs to come up with this horrible version of the parity act they now support.

    1. He seems to be an expert at being dismissive. He is laser focused on passing this bad bill. No matter even if it didn't make a lick of difference that we gave away the store and put HOA dwelling hams into harm's way, he had to have that bill passed. I support a good bill. I got the original bill co-sponsored, and I am very proud of that. I do not support this bill. It needs to be have the harmful provisions removed.


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