Week ending September 1, the calm before the storm

I can't believe that Summer 2018 is almost over. Summer is by far my favorite season. The heavy coats come off, the summer dresses go on, the beaches are open, the kids go out to play, car traffic thins out and motorcycle traffic picks up.

Well, that's all coming to an end. And September is going to be THE height of election campaign season. I have a pretty packed calendar, going from several clubs in NJ, to ENY, to NLI, even in the NYC section of NLI.

This Thursday I'll be at GSBARC, one of the premier clubs in Long Island. Should be a fun time. Can't wait to meet up with the crew again! What a great bunch of hams.

If you've had antenna work, activations or other activities this summer I'm sure you have had fun. I still have some antenna work outstanding but I'm going to wind it down pretty quickly before the snow flies. And while I like summer, I'm eager for contest season to start so I can enjoy some good time behind the radio. Who doesn't?


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