Ham spam

Yesterday I received an email from our NNJ section manager espousing support for my opponent and including a nasty attack on me, my candidacy and my now infamous 75 foot tower. It was sent to a distribution list of what appears to be ARRL members in the NNJ section. He claims that  he is, "sending this to email addresses I compiled while campaigning using my private email account and private email server."

The problem is that I requested to be unsubscribed from his campaign email list over a year ago. He told me then that he had honored the request and sent me an email saying that I had been removed. The problem is that I am still getting these emails today.

Spam is no joke. Spam is also illegal under the CAN-SPAM Act and can carry penalties of up to 5 years in prison and fines of $250,000. I spent well over 10 years in a professional setting taking great pains to ensure compliance of our mass mailing systems. I have had to work not only with ISPs but under guidelines of Government agencies and had to ensure compliance with US and foreign anti-spam laws.

A key component of this is that all unsubscribe requests should be honored.

In this case it clearly was not.

If you really wanted to, you could file a complaint with the FTC. You could also just mark the email as Spam and if enough people do it, the sender gets blacklisted in a database.

I don't know though. It seems to me pretty sloppy and somewhat desperate for them to send out that email in response to my postal mailing. I am not worried in the least. People know me, they know the message and they know what I can bring to them.

On a side note, my postal mailing list was obtained from the ARRL, and I had to pay a whopping $13.30 for it. ARRL under its constitution and by-laws specifically allows their list to be made available to candidates for use in election campaigning.

And yes, it does cost a lot of money to mail. It is also a lot of sweat equity, in that I am doing a lot of manual process myself. I have machines and stuff to help me but I still have a lot of it I do by hand. Thank you to Amazon and Costco for the cheap office supplies.

But to me it is a small price to pay to bring ARRL back to you. My friends and supporters are defraying part of the cost but I am covering a lot of it on my own. If you feel that you want to help, you can see how to on my website at https://hudson.n2rj.com under "how to help" but either way I am getting this done.


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