The problem is not numbers of hams! It's membership

My opponent is now claiming that "the number of active hams is declining." I guess he hasn't been on FT8 lately, nor operated a contest. Fact is, there are many, active hams today. In fact, license numbers in the past few years are the highest they've ever been.

I'll tell you what is steadily dropping - ARRL membership. Of these new hams, I was told that something like 6000 join and 600 remain after 1 year. This is extremely troubling, and my opponent makes absolutely no mention of this.

To stem this tide, the ARRL needs to completely reinvent itself, and get rid of some of the old ways things have always been done. To begin with, an emphasis has to be placed on member service - accurate, quick, efficient. People aren't wasting $49 per year only to endure processes that are broken. And no, "the needs of the corporation" should never, ever outweigh the needs of the membership. This is a fundamental, non-negotiable disagreement we have, and I am absolutely on the right side of it. Why even have an ARRL if it doesn't serve us?

The time is ripe for change. The time is now. This October, elect new leadership to your ARRL. Find out how at


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