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Long overdue updates and what you get by voting for us

It's been a while, but there have been updates.

Balloting is underway. If you haven't gotten a ballot by October 15, email Dan Henderson at the ARRL - Remember, if you joined by September 10, live in any of the five contested divisions (Hudson, Central, New England, Northwestern, Roanoake) and have a valid license that allows you to operate in the USA - it does not have to be an FCC issued license, but must be valid for reciprocal operation in the USA (by-law 1(a)) you are a full ARRL member and can vote.

Support for me has been very, very strong. I have had a full email inbox for a week and more since the ballots started hitting mailbox. Many of these are also first time voters, and many of those first time voters have been ARRL members for many years. I attribute this to having a strong campaign ethic, a powerful message and a detailed platform with a real vision for ham radio's future.

And now, we wait. If you haven't returned your ballot yet, p…