Friday, November 16 I received the phone call from ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR. It was to inform me that I was elected as the new ARRL Division Director for the Hudson Division. My term begins on January 1, 2019 at 12 noon. You can see the results and vote tallies here.

Of the five challengers, only one lost their election, namely Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L. I was saddened by this because I felt she had a lot of value to offer.

But I'm still happy that four challengers won, because let's face it - many are of the opinion that ARRL needs some serious change, and a shakeup of this magnitude will facilitate exactly that.

I did reach out to my opponent, Mike Lisenco, N2YBB. I left him a voicemail on his cellphone, with no reply. I still would like to thank him for his past 6 years of service. He did some good things during his tenure evven though we disagreed on some other issues.

I am of the firm belief that Amateur Radio wins. In my opinion, we now have the ability to enact f…

Today is the day!

Ballot sorting and counting is underway at ARRL HQ.

I would like to thank everyone for their support.

Also, please stay tuned as I have some other things after the election is over.

Long overdue updates and what you get by voting for us

It's been a while, but there have been updates.

Balloting is underway. If you haven't gotten a ballot by October 15, email Dan Henderson at the ARRL - Remember, if you joined by September 10, live in any of the five contested divisions (Hudson, Central, New England, Northwestern, Roanoake) and have a valid license that allows you to operate in the USA - it does not have to be an FCC issued license, but must be valid for reciprocal operation in the USA (by-law 1(a)) you are a full ARRL member and can vote.

Support for me has been very, very strong. I have had a full email inbox for a week and more since the ballots started hitting mailbox. Many of these are also first time voters, and many of those first time voters have been ARRL members for many years. I attribute this to having a strong campaign ethic, a powerful message and a detailed platform with a real vision for ham radio's future.

And now, we wait. If you haven't returned your ballot yet, p…

Ham spam

Yesterday I received an email from our NNJ section manager espousing support for my opponent and including a nasty attack on me, my candidacy and my now infamous 75 foot tower. It was sent to a distribution list of what appears to be ARRL members in the NNJ section. He claims that he is, "sending this to email addresses I compiled while campaigning using my private email account and private email server."

The problem is that I requested to be unsubscribed from his campaign email list over a year ago. He told me then that he had honored the request and sent me an email saying that I had been removed. The problem is that I am still getting these emails today.

Spam is no joke. Spam is also illegal under the CAN-SPAM Act and can carry penalties of up to 5 years in prison and fines of $250,000. I spent well over 10 years in a professional setting taking great pains to ensure compliance of our mass mailing systems. I have had to work not only with ISPs but under guidelines of Gove…

The problem is not numbers of hams! It's membership

My opponent is now claiming that "the number of active hams is declining." I guess he hasn't been on FT8 lately, nor operated a contest. Fact is, there are many, active hams today. In fact, license numbers in the past few years are the highest they've ever been.

I'll tell you what is steadily dropping - ARRL membership. Of these new hams, I was told that something like 6000 join and 600 remain after 1 year. This is extremely troubling, and my opponent makes absolutely no mention of this.

To stem this tide, the ARRL needs to completely reinvent itself, and get rid of some of the old ways things have always been done. To begin with, an emphasis has to be placed on member service - accurate, quick, efficient. People aren't wasting $49 per year only to endure processes that are broken. And no, "the needs of the corporation" should never, ever outweigh the needs of the membership. This is a fundamental, non-negotiable disagreement we have, and I am absol…

New ARRL CEO appointed. I am cautious

The CEO choice has been a controversial topic among board governance matters. The last CEO who resigned (and blamed the tax law) had numerous issues, which we will touch on in a bit. I can therefore understand the apprehension of watchful ARRL members who want to ensure that we get a CEO who not only is a good CEO but is also a good steward of the ARRL, and who is also invested in Amateur Radio.

Note that when I mean "invested in Amateur Radio" I do not mean that someone has to have several hundred thousand dollars in ham equipment and an antenna farm to rival K3LR. What I do mean is that I personally want someone who knows the hobby, its participants and is at least somewhat active. This way she/he knows the issues on the ground and can relate to member concerns. Two examples come to mind - GM and the USPS. Both of these have CEOs who worked in the lower levels of the organization and who know how it runs. They therefore know what the effect of their decisions made. That is…

Week ending September 1, the calm before the storm

I can't believe that Summer 2018 is almost over. Summer is by far my favorite season. The heavy coats come off, the summer dresses go on, the beaches are open, the kids go out to play, car traffic thins out and motorcycle traffic picks up.

Well, that's all coming to an end. And September is going to be THE height of election campaign season. I have a pretty packed calendar, going from several clubs in NJ, to ENY, to NLI, even in the NYC section of NLI.

This Thursday I'll be at GSBARC, one of the premier clubs in Long Island. Should be a fun time. Can't wait to meet up with the crew again! What a great bunch of hams.

If you've had antenna work, activations or other activities this summer I'm sure you have had fun. I still have some antenna work outstanding but I'm going to wind it down pretty quickly before the snow flies. And while I like summer, I'm eager for contest season to start so I can enjoy some good time behind the radio. Who doesn't?